Coconut Cake

You may think a food truck is a step down from a normal restaurant but in the case of Mobile Gourmet you’d be so, so wrong. The Mobile Gourmet Food Truck is indulgent, tasty, and as good as any sit down place I’ve been to in my life.

The focus of the Mobile Gourmet is Venezuelan street food: arepas, cachapas, patacones, and of course empanadas! The arepas are served on a pair of smaller corn patties. They’re super crispy and far easier to eat. You can choose from fried cheese, pulled chicken, pulled beef or roast pork. (I think the roast pork is the best in the city, you’re allowed to disagree… but you’ll be wrong.) 

For a real treat, get a hot dog, served with fried potato shreds, cheese, choice of sauces, and lettuce. Be ready though, unless you’re ordering an actual hot dog there won’t be a hot dog in the bun, instead the meat of choice. It’s a bit misleading as it’s really just referring to the buns, but they’re delicious nonetheless. 

They also make an amazing sandwich, the pepito, a popular Venuezualan sandwich with your choice of grilled chicken, pork, or sirloin in between a baguette and topped with cheese, house sauce, “pink sauce”, fried potato shreds, and lettuce.

Confusing? Just think of almost everything on the menu as the same toppings and meat that are in the arepas, but just wedged Arepas (fried corn cakes), Perros (hot dog buns), or Pepitos (french baguette). That’s how I explain it to my friends.

Now, why am I reviewing them for my dessert blog? THE BEST SWEET DRINK EVER. The decadence of this wonderful menu extends into the drinks. Aside from the usual sodas, juice, and water, they offer Chicha – a thicker horchata that’s delicious to start with, then gets even more sugary when topped with condensed milk, and served iced. I admit going to the truck just to get a Chicha and I’ve never been able to finish one… but maybe you can!

This is not the place for you if you’re on a diet. It’s the kind of food you want after a night on the town or, in the case of my father, if you’re extremely hungry and want a meal that will immediately throw you into the couch. They’re open 6 PM to Midnight from Wednesdays through Saturdays. You can find them at Founder’s Square at the main entrance. You can smell the food a mile away, you won’t miss it. Remember, they’re a food TRUCK so be prepared to wait for your food if the park is busy and especially after the clubs close.